Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PIDE

Research Projects and Working Papers

  1. The cost of migration: What low-skilled migrant workers from Pakistan pay to work in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, ILO, 2016
  2. Labour migration from Pakistan: 2015 status report, ILO, 2016
  3. Socio-Economic Losses of Flood and Household’s Coping Strategies: Evidence from Flood Prone District of Pakistan, PIDE Working Papers 2016: 142
  4. Migration and Health Outcomes: The Case of a High Migration District in South Punjab, PIDE-CPHSP-4, 2015
  5. Economic and Social Impact of Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Macroeconomic and Development Policies in South Asia, Asian Development Bank
  6. The Persistence and Transition of Rural Poverty in Pakistan: 1998-2004, PIDE Working Papers 2011: 74
  7. Strengthening Intra-regional trade and investment in ECO region, 2013
  8. ECO-PIDE Study: A Trading Pattern, Economic Cooperation Organization, 2011
  9. The flood 2010 and poverty in Pakistan: A preliminary district level analysis, presented in conference held in India by Asian Development Bank (ADB), (2010)
  10. Regional Economic Integration and Foreign Direct Investment in SAARC: The Role, Bottlenecks, and Future Prospects, presented in conference “Korea-South Asia Cooperation in an Era of Rising South Asia, by Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Korea, (2010)
  11. Fiscal Decentralization and Macroeconomic Stability: Theory and Evidence from Pakistan, presented in PSDE conference, (2010)
  12. Dynamics of Migration and Remittances in Pakistan and Global Financial Crisis, completed and submitted for publication as a book chapter, (2009)
  13. Poverty Assessment in Sargodha Region, A research report submitted at PIDE, (2009)
  14. Growth, Poverty and Social Outcomes in Pakistan, A Report Prepared for Department for International Development, UK, PIDE, (2006)
  15. Doing Business in Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) Islamabad, (2007)