Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, PIDE

Thesis Supervised

PhD Thesis

  1. Housing Demand in Urban Areas of Pakistan by Ayaz Ahmad, 2015
  2. Institutions, Innovation and Economic Growth by Zafir ullah Khan, 2016
  3. Impact of Institutions on Sustainable Development by Muhammad Azam, 2016
  4. Crime, Criminality and the Criminal Justice System in Pakistan by Ikramullah (PIDE), 2018
  5. Impact of Infrastructure on Growth: A Spatial Analysis by Muhammad Javid (PIDE), 2019 
  6. Economics of Terrorism by Farhat Rasool (PIDE), 2019
  7. Multidimensional Poverty: A Small Area Estimation by Kafyat Ullah (QAU), 2019

M Phil Thesis

  1. Fiscal Decentralization and its Impact on Economic Development of Baluchistan by Syed Zia Uddin (2014)
  2. The Energy, Output and Trade Nexus in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation by Muhammad Islam (2014)
  3. Foreign Aid, Political Regimes and Inflation in Pakistan by Muhammad Younas (2014)
  4. Inflation Uncertainty and Output Uncertainty Nexus: The Case of Pakistan by Naveed Mahmood (2014)
  5. Impact of Democracy on Sustainable Human Development: A Cross Country Analysis by Umair Zafar (2014)
  6. Financial Development Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment by Muhammad Iqbal (2015)
  7. Impact of Rural Infrastructure on Development of Pakistan: A District Level Analysis by Naeem Asghar (2015)
  8. Role of Demographic Transition and Human Capital Dynamics in Determining Economic Growth by Munir Ahmad (2015)
  9. The Macroeconomic Consequences of Volatile Discretionary Fiscal Policy: A Panel Analysis by Muhsin Ali (2015)
  10. Dynamic Relation between Inflation and Economic Growth In Pakistan: Linear Vs. Non-linear Approach by Liaqat Ali (2015)
  11. Households Losses in 2014 Floods and Coping Strategies A Study of Chiniot, Punjab by Ameer Hyder (2016)
  12. Residential Demand for Electricity in Pakistan: A Cross Sectional Analysis by Muhammad Hassan Akhtar (2016)
  13. Environmental Kuznets Curve and Decomposition analysis of CO2: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan by Muhammad Saqib (2017)
  14. Mapping Household Vulnerability in Pakistan: Analyzing Gender Differences by Yasmeen Jamali (2017) 
  15. Impact of Cash Transfer Programme on School Enrollment: The Case of BISP by Dur-e-Sameen Durran (2017) 
  16. Role of Poverty on Elementary Level Education in Pakistan by Muhammad Usman Khan (2018) 
  17. Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Economic Development of Punjab: A District Level Analysis by Fiaz Hussan Qadri (2018) 
  18. Trade Implications of Regional Integration: The Case of CPEC by Hussan Mujtba (2018)